• Vaccinated travellers are no longer required to present proof of vaccination
  • Total removal of the Turkey PLF
  • No more PCR tests are required for vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers
  • Being Asymptomatic


Visa eligibility – Visa and entry requirements when visiting Turkey


Entry Procedures

To visit Turkey, you must:

  • Inform the consular services of your presence in Turkey.
  • Always have a valid travel document, such as a passport
  • Put your passport in a safe place and take only a photocopy for identification purposes
  • Be in a good health
  • Have a copy of the medical prescription translated in English
  • Criminal Activity and illegal immigration: You must not have been convicted for related to any criminal activity or illegal immigration.
  • Have enough money for your stay.
  • Be vaccinated against yellow fever during the rainy season
  • One bottle per person is the limit for importing wine and alcohol at the airport.

E VISA Turkey

Since March 2018, eligible travelers can obtain an electronic visa for their travel in Turkey.

Our agency will help you apply and obtain your tourist evisa Turkey, which is compulsory to travel to the Sultanate of Turkey.

The form corresponding to the admission procedure must be completed before your trip to the Sultanate of Turkey. The authorization is electronically linked to your passport and is valid for six months from the date of your approval.

Indeed, you must travel with the passport that you have used to get your tourist eVisa Turkey. The request is made online in a few clicks and the payment fees costs 99 euros. The tourist visa Turkey allows you to make a stay not exceeding 30 days from the date of entry, valid for a single entry. After submitting the online form, most eligible Turkey visa applicants obtain their authorization within 48 hours. The authorization can be renewed on the spot at the Royal Turkey Police.

Turkey visa

You can obtain an Turkey visa from the Turkey diplomatic and consular authorities. An Turkey visa is valid for 1 year and must not exceed 3 weeks. It allows you to make several entries in the territory. It costs 50 Rials (about 100 €) and it is not renewable.

Travel formalities:

The necessary documents for Turkey visa formalities are:

  • a valid passport for at least 6 months without a visa
  • Make your application online

If you are going to Turkey for business, you will have to add:

A letter from the company stating the reason, the accommodation and the assumption of all additional expenses of the stay.

Additional documents are:

  • for children on the passport of one of the parents, just indicate it on the visa application form.
  • for minors who travel alone, it will be necessary to provide in addition to the formalities an authorization of exit of territory of 2 parents + copy of the family booklet
  • for minors who travel with one of the parents it will be necessary to provide in addition to formalities an authorization to leave the territory of the other parent + copy of the family record book.